I think so too

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"I think so"就是「我也這麼認為」的意思?錯,這篇告訴你別再這樣用 ...2018年2月9日 · 這樣情況,也許不是外籍同事在找碴,而是我們常常誤用了"I think so"這句話。

很多人 ... 三個月英文脫胎換骨的一對一:https://goo.gl/Z3q8QK ..."I think so " 和"I think so too" 的差別在哪裡? | HiNativeI think so 的同義字@seiya1011: It is basically the same thing. Saying "I think so. " means that you believe it to be that way. Saying "I think so too" ...I think so too. - How to say in Thai - LearnWithOliverI think so too. ... 1. to think 2. to calculate ... นั้น nán that [Show Details]. เหมือนกัน mǔean kan same, alike, identical, also ... Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram.I think so too. - How to say in Chinese - LearnWithOliverI think so too. (English) ... so, like this, this way [Show Details]. 認為 认为 rèn wéi 1 . to think 2. to consider, to believe, to feel ... Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram.How to agree in English - I THINK SO, too. - YouTube2017年8月18日 · I think so / I don't think so - How to agree with someone in English.時間長度: 1:02 發布時間: 2017年8月18日I think so, too. | Ask The Editor | Learner's DictionaryVan asks whether it is okay to say, "I think so, too." The short answer is yes. An explanation appears below. When "too" occurs at the end of a sentence, it means  ...I Think So, Too. (@ITST_jb) | TwitterThe latest Tweets from I Think So, Too. (@ITST_jb). GOT7 JJ Project JB | 재범 # 7for7 #YouAre. Gonna get hight.[Rant] Hating CCA life : SGExams - Reddit10 小時前 · I thought that joining a sports cca would have been too stressful with all the competitions and my school work ... TW: Suicide, mental illness, ASD references. ... Anyways tmr is chem prac, so gl to everyone taking the paper.VALKYRIE CONNECT - Apps on Google Play評分 4.4 (223,095) · 免費 · AndroidThis hit RPG rocketed to the top of the Japanese charts, and now it's taking the world by storm! Download for FREE today and find out why! [GAME FEATURES]Labor Issues in the Telecommunications Industry: Hearings Before ...Oc Gl o src"9 C91. ... 9 * on - "too Qae --- -6- Coto --- ge go- --9 &ce "t als"-- olnwd nwix-sw"w is is ow-d ... so o61 "-- --6"-2 so-"ca cio" wo t-o'-d Gol" 6t Lic" ec olo" oc elo" oc sat dria Tw-o- orgo-0.64 ... I think that overall this hearing has helped ...